During your initial visit, all areas of your mouth will be thoroughly examined. The comprehensive examination will include a detailed examination of the teeth, soft tissue, supporting structures, alignment of your teeth, bite and more. A complete set of x-rays will be taken and models of your teeth will be made as needed to aid in the diagnostic process. All the information that we obtain during this examination will be carefully evaluated so that we may accurately assess your dental needs.

After your comprehensive examination, we will take time to carefully explain our findings. An individualized treatment plan will be recommended to meet your unique needs. Our findings will carefully consider your immediate needs as well as long-term objectives. Again, our treatment recommendation will be based on the goal of your receiving maximum life for your natural teeth.

During this process, we encourage you to ask questions you may have concerning your dental care and potential costs. We believe that successful relationship is always based on open communication and upon firm mutual understanding.


After your examination, you will be ready for the preventative care appointment. Your visit will include teeth cleaning, oral cancer screening, detailed examination of your gums by our licensed dental hygienist, a professional dedicated to your receiving maximum longevity from your natural dentition. At this time, we will also share with you the latest theories and show you the latest techniques for controlling dental disease. Specific approaches will be recommended for your individual needs by our dental hygienist. We consider this session to be one of the most valuable services we offer to our patients.

Dental Health

As dental professionals it is our priority to provide quality dental care you can trust.